Douglas Coupland puts forward design concept of public wireless utilities that blend into the city, in this case, Vancouver:

Vancouver writer and artist Douglas Coupland, today at the New Cities Summit in Paris, unveiled the V‑Pole, a simple proposal for the future of complex urban utilities, including wi-fi and wireless data traffic.

The V-Pole (‘V’ for Vancouver) is a slim, modular utility pole connected to underground optical wiring. In a simple Lego-like manner, it can be installed in urban settings and provides neighborhoods with wi-fi and mobile wireless, LED street lighting, electric vehicle charging, parking transactions and can act as an electronic neighborhood bulletin board.

The V-Pole will be more energy-efficient and cost-effective than the current generation of utility structures found on city streets, and will reduce visual clutter along the streetscape.

“The wireless data game has changed,” said Coupland. “Data transmission is no longer something scary you don’t want in your back yard. Now you want it directly in front of your house.” 

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