TI Calculator Demoscene 

Programming experiments from the last decade creating graphical demos on TI calculators.

The demoscene has always experimented with computational hardware, but it is hard to find examples outside of the personal computer. Just by chance, I discovered this video from 2002 showcasing some familiar demoscene graphical effects on a Texas Instruments TI-83 calculator (with very limited specs - 27k RAM, a graphics display of 96x64 monochrome pixels). It’s called “Monochromatic”  by Noice and was released at Mekka Symposium 2002.

Looking at the Pouet Demoscene database, there are only 24 official productions on the platform between 1996 and 2010. Here is another example (in GIF format) called ‘Pixel Madness’ (no author attribution):

You can check out yourself the Poeut collection of TI-8x demos here (should you want to try these out on a compatible calculator).

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